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Protecting your family

Protecting your family

Family income benefit, looks after your family if you can’t.

The right insurance to protect your life and those you love is just a click away.

Plan for the worst, enjoy everyday.

We all sleep better at night knowing we have set everything up so if the worst happens, you have a plan B.

It feels nice to be protected.

What is family income benefit?

Family income benefit or FIB is designed to pay a monthly tax-free income if you die. This can be used to provide for you family when you can’t.

Who is family income benefit for?

You should consider family income benefit if you want to provide a tax-free monthly income for your partner or family upon your death. The benefit can be set to pay out each month from your death until your youngest child reaches 21 years of age or an age you deem appropriate.

Why is family income benefit important?

If you are not around anymore what would you like to happen?

How will your family pay their monthly bills?

Who would care for your children?

Could your partner earn enough to support your family?

How can we help?

Money will never be a substitute, but it will make a difference to those you love and their lives without you.

We will help you get everything in place so that if the worst happens those you love will receive a monthly income.

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