A: Of course we’re going to say yes to this one aren’t we?

There are numerous benefits to using a Mortgage Adviser to help you find your next deal:

  • We are the experts. We do this day in, day out, and our sole aim is to find the best mortgage deal to suit your specific needs. We work for you not the lender
  • We have access to exclusive deals that you can’t access directly
  • We know the lenders’ criteria so we can make sure your application is more likely to be accepted
  • We can also deal with your existing lender in most cases so, if a Product Transfer with your current lender is the best deal for you, that’s what we’ll recommend
  • There’s no cost to you for an initial consultation to review your options
  • We make it as easy as possible to speak to us. You can come and see us in the office or have a video or telephone appointment if that’s more convenient.