Home Mover Mortgage

Home Mover Mortgage

Home mover mortgages

No matter what your reasons are for moving home, we are here to make getting a mortgage a little easier. Whether your moving as a result or a new addition to the family, work relocation or divorce your experienced home mover adviser will give you the best advice they know how.

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How does it work?

Tell us about your situation and what you hope to achieve on the phone or in person at our offices, we will discuss all the different options available to you then recommend the best mortgage deal to get you moving.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What you should do after moving into a new house?

How to pack a house to move?

How much does it cost to sell a house?

What should I do before selling a house?

What is a home mover mortgage?

Can I move my mortgage to a new house?

What is porting a mortgage?

Can you port your mortgage to a cheaper house?

What happens to your mortgage when you sell?

Can you change mortgage when you move?

Top 10 common mistakes people make when moving home.

  1. Booking removals before an exchange of contracts.
  2. Taking your property off the market without any commitment from the buyer.
  3. Using a low cost solicitor with terrible customer reviews.
  4. Speaking directly with your buyer.
  5. Choosing the wrong survey.
  6. Under estimating the cost of home improvements.
  7. Making an offer before seeing a mortgage advisor.
  8. Not checking out your new neighbours.
  9. Not budgeting for moving costs and stamp duty.
  10. Making an offer on a new property before your house is sold.

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