How do you get a copy of your credit file?

Getting a copy of your credit file is really important when you are applying for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders are looking for exact figures at application stage and if you get them wrong it could mean the difference between an accept and decline on your mortgage application.

When we are looking to find you the best mortgage deal we will usually ask you to provide us with a copy of your credit file. This means we can see exactly what a mortgage lender will see and enable us to place your mortgage with the right lender.

What is a credit file?

Your credit file is all the personal and financial data that is held about your by financial institutions in one place. The data is shared and collated by companies called credit reference agencies.

Typical information you can find on your credit file is:


If you are registered on the electoral register

Address history, including moving dates.

Companies you have applied to for credit and searches of your file.

Any financial institution you own money to, and the terms of that agreement.

A record or payments and if they have been made on time.

Who are the main credit reference agencies?

The three main credit reference agencies are:



TransUnion (noddle):

How to get a copy of your credit report

You can sign up for a free credit report and score with all of the above agencies but there is a catch….

Equifax will give you a free report for 30 days then it’s £7.95 per month. You can cancel this at any time.

Experian offer a credit expert product with a free 30 day trial, its then £14.99 per month. You can cancel at any time.

Noddle offer a free credit report but it can be up to 7 weeks behind.

Rather than signing up a and then having to cancel or the information being out of date you should consider a statutory credit report.

How to get a statutory credit report?

You can also get what is called a statutory credit report which are also available online.

This a one-off snap shot of your credit file and available for £2 at the following links:




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