Our latest customer feedback from Millie Hall

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Before I filled in the form for mortgage plus, I had lost all hope as all other lenders were saying no as my partner was self employed. I work for bank myself and they even said no simply because he was self employed and to hard to prove this years earnings. I reluctantly filled out the form thinking nothing would come of it and I got a call from Susan the next day asking me to give her the low down of my financial situation. I did so and she said she could definitely help, apprehensive because of the other negative responses I have had. Susan said that she could take my partners last 3 months invoices instead of last years SA302’s so the difference in his income was massive. I told her all the debt we had and the fact we wanted to move across country. I sent all of my documents over as requested and Susan was supportive the whole time. I text her a considerable amount of times seeking assurance and hope and she came through supportive and reassuring. I would always recommend mortgage plus and specifically Susan because she was amazing. We have now been accepted for our mortgage and got a full offer which is something we gave up hope on. If you are looking for a mortgage and getting turned down by lenders, I recommend speaking to mortgage plus, sue and the team will help and get you to where you want to be. They won’t waste their time or your time. Don’t give up hope. I thank Sue and mortgage plus for being amazing in their communication throughout. A £400 charge is a price I will happily pay for this service.

Millie Hall